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Cavaliers Athletics

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Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School

Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School

Team News.

Team News

6 months ago @ 7:35PM

Meet The Coach Night Winter 2018

TEAM INFORMATION: - Winter Activities - Track & Field

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Track and Field is a varsity sport and will be conducted in such a manner.  It is a sacrifice to be a member of an athletic team and total commitment to the team is expected by all. Attendance at all practices and meets are mandatory.  Any unexcused absences from a practice or meets will not be tolerated.  More than 5 unexcused absences will result in a dismissal from the team. Athletes must notify their coach in writing BEFORE they miss.

PRACTICE: Practice begins at 3:15 P.M. and last until 5:30PM - Monday-Friday. Some groups have Saturday practice. If inclement weather, we might meet inside - athletes can check the white board by the activities office after school as to where we are meeting.  All athletes are required to attend practice every day. Please arrange to have transportation ready at 5:30pm.  WE DO HAVE PRACTICE WHEN IT IS COLD, RAINING or maybe SNOWING.  If FCPS is canceled, there’s no practice.

SHOE NIGHT:  Those who need running shoes or spikes, we have a Team Night at PR Running Store in Burke on Monday, November 20th at 7:45PM.  5715 Burke Centre Parkway. Free video analysis and shoe clinic. 15% discount and every shoe purchased earn $5 towards our team.

UNIFORMS:  All athletes must have a Woodson uniform to compete.  You may use uniforms you previously purchased from cross country, indoor track or outdoor track.  Anything worn under the team uniform MUST be solid navy blue. If you need one it can be purchased at:  Only one top and one bottom is necessary. Tights are optional. The site close on Sunday, November 19th at midnight.

SPIRIT WEAR: Spirit wear is available for purchase online from CCI. The site is up and running and will close on Sunday, November 19th at midnight.


  1. Timers: 3 timers at every JV meet, work the girls shot put on December 1 and work the table on December 15.
  2. Athletic Booster Club: Each team is allowed to have 2 parent rep’s. If you are interested in joining, please see Coach Zuber for details! Cross Country, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track are allowed two rep’s on the Booster Board for each sport. The Booster Club does so much for us, so please help if you can.


 JV Meets - FCPS pays for us to attend four meets.  They are against two or three other FCPS teams.  These meets allow all of our athletes to compete – there is no bench in track! All JV athletes should plan on attending these four meets.  All JV athletes are required to ride the bus to these meets with the team and stay until the end of the meet.  Students may ride home following the meet with a parent if a note is given to a coach and permission is granted.  Please do not ask us to leave early!

 Invitationals - These meets are funded from our own fundraising throughout the year.  Invitationals have strict entry limits (2 or 3 per event) and some have time standards that you must meet.  Coaches will inform athletes by Tuesday of that week if they are going to compete in the invitational for that Saturday. We will do our best to notify all athletes as soon as we know. Invitationals last all day long and athletes are only required to be present for their event and then may leave.

TEAM DISCOUNT: Potomac River Running Store.  All Woodson athletes get a 15% discount on any purchase in their store and each shoe bought earns the team $5 as a fundraiser. Also PR now offers a 10% discount to military families. I will collect the $5 vouchers that PR stores give you at purchase (don’t throw them away).  Later, PR store will make a donation in the amount of all the collected vouchers.

LEAVING THE TEAM:  If you decide that track and field is not for you or if you cannot make the time commitments, you MUST notify Coach Zuber immediately.

ACADEMICS: Athletes are expected to keep thier grades at an acceptable level.  The acceptable level is determined by PARENTS.  Track and Field does not replace time spent doing homework or studying.

SPORTSMANSHIP & RESPECT: We will show respect, sportsmanship, and humility to all teammates, coaches, and officials at all times and will compete with the best to become the best.

MEETS: Athletes will be notified by their coach prior to a meet with the events that he/she will be participating in.  Each meet have a select number of relays that the coaches will fill.  Prior participation does not grant permanent membership on a relay.  The relay members will be based upon what is best for the team.  If it is an Invitational, you may not know whether you are competing or not until a few days before.

EQUIPMENT:  A good pair of running (not cross training) shoes is a must because most injuries are shoe related. While spikes are not required, most serious track and field athletes will have them. Since we train outdoors all season, warm-ups, tights, wind suits, hats and mittens/gloves are recommended, and water bottles are a must!

INJURIES:  All injuries must be reported to the coach and WTW athletic trainers! 

WOODSON SPORTS INFORMATION:  The Woodson athletic hotline is (703) 503-4683.  All sports cancellations due to weather will be on the hotline.

Twitter: @woodsonxctf

Instagram: woodsonxctf


Facebook: ?  

Team News

7 months ago @ 11:32AM by Katarina Zuber


ALL FORMS ARE DUE NOVEMBER 3rd, 2017.  Place in Indoor Track & Field mailbox.

Forms are available in the activities office and at

Coach Zuber will be available between Cafeteria A and B on November 3rd from 10am - 1pm to collect forms, answer questions and make sure you're cleared.

WHAT YOU NEED TO TRYOUT: Everyone MUST complete ALL of the following: 

  • *VHSL Physical Form:  Completed and turned in to the Athletic Trainers.
  • *Emergency Care Form:  FULLY completed by EVERYONE – even if you did a fall sport
  • Concussion Education:  Must be completed online by BOTH you AND one parent/guardian before you can tryout.  If you completed it for a fall sport, you don't need to do it again.

TRYOUT: All athletes must tryout in at least three events and should attend all three days. Exception; Cross Country (XC) athletes selected for XC Regionals or XC State Championships. Athletes will be evaluated based on their effort, results and attitude. Only those cleared (physical, emergency care form and concussion) will practice and tryout, no exception.


Monday, November 6th: (10:00am, WTW Track) – Student Holiday - PRACTICE


  • Runners: warm-up, drills, light workout. Hurdle drills and practice for hurdlers.
  • Field Events: warm-up and drills. Instructions then practice.

Tuesday, November 7th: (10:00am, WTW track) – Student Holiday - PRACTICE


  • Runners: warm-up, drills, light workout. Hurdle drills and practice for hurdlers.
  • Field Events: warm-up and drills. Instructions then practice.

Wednesday, November 8th: (3:30pm, WTW track) - TRYOUT

  • 55m dash
  • 1600m run
  • Shot Put
  • High Jump and Long Jump

Thursday, November 9th: (3:30pm, WTW track) - TRYOUT

  • 300m
  • 800m  
  • 55m Hurdles
  • Shot Put
  • High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump

Friday, November 10th: (3:30pm, WTW track) - TRYOUT

  • 500m dash
  • Shot Put
  • Pole Vault. All pole vaulters need to tryout in 55m and long jump.  

Monday, November 13th: (3:00pm in Cafeteria A)

  • Final cuts, Cafeteria A at 3pm.
  • First day of practice immediately after cuts (for those who made the team).


FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE: Monday, November 6th at 10:00AM.  Meet at the WTW track

FIRST DAY OF TRYOUTS: Wednesday, November 8th at 3:30PM.  Meet at the WTW track

FORMAT: Sprinters should try out in 55m, 300m, and 500m.  Distance runner 500m, 800m, 1600m. Jumpers should try out in jumps, 55m, and 300m and throwers 55m and throwing.  If you don’t know what event you are best at, you need to try as many events as possible.  The more we see of you the better the chance of making the team.

CUTS: Monday, November 13th 3:00pm in Cafeteria A.

EXPECTATIONS:  This is a VARSITY SPORT and attendance at practices and meets are MANDATORY.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: We understand you are busy with other activities and request that you carefully consider your time commitments when deciding whether to try out. It’s the responsibility of the student-athlete, and their parents, to inform Coach Zuber of any conflicts.  All conflicts need to be addressed at the beginning of the season.

PRACTICE: We have practice every week day and most Saturdays regardless of weather. Dress appropriate.

SCHEDULE:  Please make sure you are available to attend the meets that are scheduled for you.

EXPENSE:  New athletes to WTW cross country, indoor or outdoor track & field, must purchase a uniform. We also encourage everyone to purchase spirit wear. The spirit wear and uniforms are good for all three sports at Woodson. Make sure you have running specific shoes as lower body injuries are often caused by wearing the wrong type of shoes.

QUESTIONS: Contact Coach Zuber at or 661-857-6354

EVENTS contested during indoor Track & Field:  

Running events:

4x800m Relay

55m Hurdles

55m Dash

1600m Run

4x200m Relay

300m Dash

500m Run

1000m Run

3200m Run

4 x 400m Relay

Field events:

Long jump

Triple jump

High jump

Pole vault

Shot Put


PREPARATION: You MUST come to the first day of tryouts in shape and ready to compete.  If you are not participating in a fall sport, you should be running four days a week, three of those days followed by core exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, lunges).
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