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W.T. Woodson Athletics

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W.T. Woodson Athletics

Go Cavs!

W.T. Woodson Athletics

Go Cavs!

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10 months ago

Boys Basketball Tryout Schedule & Information

The tryout schedule for the boys basketball program beginning on 11/11 is:

Monday (11/11):

Varsity -- 7:30-9:30 pm in Main Gym

JV-- 7:30-9:30 pm in Aux Gym

Freshmen-- 4:45-6:30 pm at Frost MS

Tuesday (11/12):

Varsity -- 7:30-9:30 pm in Aux Gym

JV-- 5:30-7:30 pm in Aux Gym

Freshmen-- 6:15-7:45 am in Main Gym

Wednesday (11/13):

Varsity -- 7:30-9:30 pm in Main Gym

JV -- 7:30-9:30 pm in Aux Gym

Freshmen -- 3:30-5:30 pm in Main Gym

** Wednesday, 11/13 schedule is tentative based on results of volleyball regional tournament.

The team will be selected at the close of practice on Wednesday (11/13) and extra days (if needed). 

There will be Conditioning/Strength Testing, as part of the tryout process (varsity only), on Tuesday, 11/12 & Wednesday 11/13 from 3:15-3:45pm.  We will meet in weight room. 

The first team practice will be on Friday, 11/15.

We have a scrimmage (home) vs Battlefield on Saturday, November 23. 

Our second scrimmage (home) vs Madison on Tuesday, November 26.

Prerequisites to trying out

You cannot tryout unless you bring (or have on file) a VHSL Physical Examination form.  You must also bring an Emergency Care Information form that has been specifically completed for winter sports/activities.  In addition, both the student-athlete & a parent will need to complete concussion education requirements prior to trying out (to complete: & make sure you USE YOUR STUDENT ID TO REGISTER)

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used during player evaluation and team selection processes:

  • Skills/talent – How well can you play? Ballhandling, Shooting, Defense, Passing, etc.
  • Strength/Conditioning – Basketball is a sport that favors height, strength, speed, and quickness.
  • Team balance – We cannot field a team with all guards or all centers.  We need a good mix of players by position.  You might be the fourth best player trying out and not make the team, because the three best players play your position.
  • Basketball Savvy -- Quality players understand what to do and when to do it.

   We will also consider the following traits when differentiating between players that have a close evaluation grade:

  • Team work – There are lots of players who can do well when they have the ball or in pick-up games, but struggle during 5-on-5, team oriented situations.
  • Scholarship – There are academic requirements for participating.  All other things being equal, the good student will always have the advantage during the selection process.
  • Attitude/Conduct – Our basketball players need to be tough and warrior-like.  But they also have to maintain control over their emotions.  We play hard; yet always compete with respect and honor.
  • Work ethic – We select players with a passion for excellence and a will to work for success. 

Tips for trying out

Play hard and play smart every second during tryouts.  Take nothing for granted.  As much as possible, try to demonstrate the things at which you excel.

Not everyone can make it

Competition for selection onto a high school basketball team is fierce.  Only 10-15 athletes will make the team.  At tryouts, we will undoubtedly have the best 5% or so of the players at W. T. Woodson.  Unfortunately, only the top 1% can make the team.  No player likes to be told he is not on the team; no coach likes to tell a player that either.  But it has to be done for some when there are a limited number of roster spots.

If you should fail to make the team, don’t be too despondent.  Getting cut doesn’t mean a player isn’t a quality individual, or even a quality basketball player.  Players sometimes aren’t at their best at exactly the wrong time.  Coaches can make mistakes, too.

Whatever the circumstances for not making the team, there are plenty of good opportunities for those players not chosen: other Woodson winter sports, recreation youth basketball leagues, etc.  We would be happy to set you up with the coach of one of our youth basketball travel leagues.

Fall Sports

If you plan to try out for Varsity Basketball and are participating in a Fall sport that is still in-season when basketball tryouts begin (November 11th), you will start your tryout on the day after your last fall sport contest (e.g., fall season ends Friday, basketball tryout starts Saturday).  However, you must complete all “Prerequisites to trying out” (see below) on or before November 11th in order to try out so coaches know who is planning on coming out.


Contact the Coach of the appropriate level if you need any further information on tryout schedules or procedures:

Varsity: Coach Craig (

JV: Coach Treger (

Freshmen: Coach Carr (
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