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Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School


Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School

Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School

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Friday 4/06/2018 @ 7:15 pm
(A) vs South County High School

WT Woodson High School 10
South County HS 11 2OT

The Cavaliers and Stallions faced off for the 1sttime since the State Championship game last June.  The game was at South County on a pleasant spring night.  Cryblskey forced a loose ball on the Stallions 1stpossession and Bower took the clear.  South County’s goalie made the save to get possession.  Stedham poked the ball loose and Yost came away with the groundball. South County was called for a slash and Solomon took advantage scoring 5 seconds later off a pass from Fruchterman for a 1-0 lead.  Yost forced a turnover on the next Stallion possession.  The Cavs were called for a slash and South County scored to make it 1-1. South County won the faceoff but the Cavs defense forced a failure to advance to get possession.  The Stallion goalie made another great save to keep it 1-1. The teams traded turnovers before the Cavs were called for another slash.  Garlepp made a great save and Cryblskey got the clear.  After a Stallion stop Garlepp made another save but the Cavs were called for a moving pick on the clear.  Taking advantage of the call the Stallions scored with 7 seconds left in the quarter for a 2-1 lead.


The 2ndquarter started poorly with the Cavs being called for another slash and South County increased their lead to 3-1 and firing up the home crowd.  Cryblskey slowed the momentum with a steal and clear. Solomon did a double spin to get away from a double team and fired a lefty shot to draw the Cavs within 1. Garlepp made a save to stop the Stallions and hit Solomon with a long lead pass at midfield.  Solomon cruised in from the left and drilled the shot to tie the game at 3.  Cuviello fought for the faceoff win to get possession.  The Stallions made the save on the Cavs next shot.  Garlepp had back to back saves from in close to keep the game tied.  The Cavs couldn’t get possession and South County scored to lead 4-3 with 5 minutes left in the half.  Another South County save stopped the Cavs momentarily until Fruchterman took the loose ball and spun by his defender and drilled the shot to tie the game again. Stedham had a stick check to knock the ball loose and Farr scooped up the loose ball and took it up field for the clear. South County turned away another Cavs shot and then Garlepp made a save at the buzzer to leave the game tied at 4.


Cryblskey had another takeaway to get possession and Solomon drew a foul to put the Cavs man up.  The Cavs couldn’t take advantage this time and South County went on the attack.  Yost played tenacious defense eventually forcing a loose ball that he scooted to Solomon to get possession.  The Stallion goalie was up to the task and made another save.  Bower cut in front of the middie intercepting the pass near midfield and drove the ball up the middle.  He pushed through 2 defenders and nailed the shot for a 5-4 lead. Cuviello and Cryblskey combined to win the next face off and Hoffman drew a foul to put the Cavs man up again. The teams traded saves and then Duer forced a loose ball that Yost tracked down for the clear.  Another Stallion save gave them the final possession with second left and Garlepp made the save at the buzzer to protect the Cavs 5-4 lead.  


Cuviello won another faceoff to start the 4th.  The teams traded turnovers.  Fruchterman spun to beat a double team and went 5 hole to put the Cavs up 6-4 just over a minute into the quarter.  What had been a defensive struggle until then suddenly changed in favor of the home team. South County scored 4 goals in 90 seconds including 2 with a man advantage to take an 8-6 lead and set the Cavs back.  The Cavs pressed to get a goal but instead South County found the net 2 more times to take a commanding 10-6 lead with only 1:49 left in the game.  Many of the fans were headed to the parking lot.  But the Cavs showed real determination as Cuviello won the faceoff and Fruchterman fed Bower on the left side for a quick goal to make it 10-7 with 1:26 remaining.  Cuviello pushed the next faceoff to Solomon and he quickly fed Fruchterman whose shot found the top right and made it 10-8 with 65 seconds left. The home crowd started getting a little anxious.  Cuviello maintained his mastery winning yet another faceoff.  The Stallions were all over Solomon and were called for a cross check with 34 seconds left.  Ten seconds later Bower found Hoffman on the right side and his laser shot went top left to make it 10-9 and the Woodson stands were fired up.  But only 24 seconds remained, could the Cavs find a way to tie the game.  Cuviello won the faceoff yet again and the Cavs had a chance to tie a game that had seemingly been over just a minute ago.  Bower fed Fruchterman cutting around the cage and he stuffed the shot home to stun the home team and crowd with 8 seconds left.  Unbelievably the game was heading to overtime.


Cuviello won the faceoff in overtime but the Stallion goalie came up with another save.  The Cavs surrounded the middie trying to clear near midfield and Bower came away with the ground ball.  The Cavs were once again denied by the Stallion goalie. Garlepp turned away the only Stallion shot of the 4-minute overtime and the game was headed to a 2ndovertime.


Cuviello gave the Cavs another chance at the win with a faceoff win but the Cavs turned the ball over. Farr stole an errant pass near midfield and fed Solomon who looked like he might have a clear path to the goal but was quickly double teamed.  The Stallion goalie came up with his last save of the night stopping the Cavs and giving his team a chance to win the game.  With less than a minute remaining the Stallion attack fired a shot to beat the Cavs 11-10 in a classic game that could have only been better if the score had been reversed.


The game was as close as the score indicated with the teams even in nearly every statistic.  Fruchterman led the offense with 4 goals and 2 assists.  Solomon had 3 goals and an assist.  Bower added 2 goals and 2 assists.  Hoffman scored the tying goal in the 4th.  Cuviello won 12 of his last 14 faceoffs.  Solomon and Cryblskey had 5 groundballs each with Cryblskey also adding in 3 take aways.  Stedham, Duer, Magee, and Garlepp held the high-powered Stallion offense in check for most of the night.  Garlepp finished with 14 saves.  


The Cavs fall to 4-1 on the season and are home Monday against Centreville at 7:15.

South County Secondary School
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